Mollie Day Rolfing® Has Your Back—and Your Well-being

July 25, 2011, By Rebecca Marshburn


Day performs cranialsacral therapy on a patient

Everyone feels out of sorts from time to time. Maybe it’s the weather, or your commute, or that nagging feeling that you forgot something. Or maybe, it stems from internal rather than from external factors. Maybe our bodies are slightly out of line, creating unnecessary tension, friction, and general discomfort. For over fifteen years, professional Rolfer™ Mollie Day has aimed to combat the musculoskeletal stressors and misalignments that contribute to our bodies— and minds— feeling out of sorts.

Day, who has made New Orleans her chosen home for the past 20 years, built her business, Mollie Day Rolfing®, around the idea of finding that harmonious equilibrium between tissue and bone, flexor and fascia (the connective tissue that surrounds our organs and muscle groups, and holds the shape of the body). She seeks to realign our posture, working out the structural kinks that contribute to our ailments and afflictions. Through the art of Rolfing®, a systematic method for unraveling restrictions in the body pioneered over half a century ago by biochemist Dr. Ida Rolf, Day addresses the pain we encounter within our bodies due to muscular-skeletal dysfunction. She is one of just over 1,000 Rolfers™ nationwide.

Through Rolfing, Day aims to help patients achieve better posture and body function by applying “informed, slow, firm pressure, reorganizing connective tissue fibers and releasing holding patterns that can cause misalignment, dysfunction and pain.” It is a holistic approach to wellness, which speaks to both the “artist and scientist” within Day.

Armed with certifications in both Rolfing and Massage Therapy through the Rolf Institute® in Boulder, Colorado and Blue Cliff in New Orleans respectively, Day remains passionate about bringing the best to her clients through furthering her education. She has studied alternative medicine in medical anthropology at Sarah Lawrence College and UNO, and continues supplementing her knowledge with courses at the Barral and Upledger Institutes in Florida, specializing in innovative healthcare techniques.

Beyond the classroom, Day is constantly learning through her relationships with her clients. “There is an endless resource in the theory and science of manual therapy,” she says, “but each person is his or her own miracle with a totally unique experience,” each with their own body “that speaks volumes if [ I ] will listen.” It is these stories that she hopes to “bring to the surface” for her clients, so that everyone can walk away from a Rolfing session feeling better physically, as well as achieving greater body and self awareness.

Rolfing says Day, is a therapy which “can benefit anyone who wants to get better, whether they’re bad off or not.” Although sufferers of chronic pain constitute much of a Rolfer’s™ clientele, it creates positive changes in all bodies. Day administers her practice to a broad range of patients, from the healthiest athlete to the scoliosis sufferer or traumatic accident survivor. Its effect on the body translates into broader range of motion, enhanced freedom of movement, increased energy, heightened corporal awareness, and relief from pain.

As part of a larger picture, Rolfing is a practice which inspires holistic wellness from the inside out. Getting into the best postural shape possible takes commitment to a goal and a team to get you there. Day gladly works with her clients to select the best members for their wellness team, which, depending on the specific needs of her client and their body, can include physical therapists, psychiatrists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, Pilates and Yoga instructors, shamans, doctors, and other health specialists.

Encouraging her patients to view vitality and what it means to be healthy in a more comprehensive manner, the Rolfer™ reminds her clients that there is a lot more to health and wellness than simply the absence of illness. Day herself is constantly spellbound by “the vast mystery and magic of sickness and healing,” and hopes that after a visit to her practice at Mollie Day Rolfing, her clients feel a little less out of sorts, enchanted by its magic as well.

Mollie Day Rolfing is located in Old Metairie at 433 Metairie Road, Suite 113. To schedule an appointment or learn more, visit her website at She can also be reached by phone at (504)655-3456 or e-mail at [email protected]

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