The 10 Rolfing Sessions

Rolfing is typically done in a ten-session series

Rolfing is typically done in a ten-session series, in which the major segments of the body are released from life-long patterns of stress and misalignment. The “ten series” is based on Dr. Ida P. Rolf’s original inquiry into how to organize the body in gravity. With the foundation of Dr. Rolf’s principles, Mollie Day works inside and outside the ten series, incorporating intervention strategies that reflect the unique needs of each client.

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with Mollie Day

Mollie specializes in Rolfing® Structural Integration, and utilizes neural and visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy and other osteopathic techniques in her unique style of bodywork. Mollie utilizes these techniques to to release restricted connective tissues, restore freedom of movement, proper alignment and balance to the body. Mollie has been a practitioner of hands-on therapy in New Orleans since 1994 and has practiced Rolfing® Structural Integration since 2001.

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Fascia permeates the entire body and functions, as we do, under the constant weight of gravity. While gravity holds us here on earth, it also weighs in on our imbalances, affecting our fascia. The results can be chronic strain, lowered vitality and impaired biological and psychological functioning.

Rolfing is distinguishable from other forms of bodywork because it works systematically with fascia. Through a series of Rolfing sessions, the alignment of the body is restored; restricted tissues and compressed joints are relieved; vital energy becomes available to support the body and mind.  Movements and overall functioning becomes easier and more enjoyable!

Rolfing is a holistic technique

Changes in structure can impact the whole person, physically, emotionally, and energetically. Ultimately, each client’s individual experience plays a central role in his or her transformation through Rolfing.

Dr. Ida P. Rolf (1896-1979), a biochemist, developed Rolfing over fifty years ago. For more information on Ida P. Rolf, PhD, and Rolfing click here:

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Our Clients' Reviews

I have been going to Mollie for years. Initially I went to her for a ‘tennis elbow’ that would not improve and she was able to heal it. Since then, I have been going to her for various symptoms, which she has almost always resolved.  She is knowledgeable, professional, efficient, caring and intuitive. … She is a wonderful healer and I recommend her without reservation.

Dr. Alina Fotino, MD

As a professional martial arts instructor and active athlete, visiting Mollie has become a must for me on a frequent basis. Mollie has helped me with complex back and neck pain issues, on multiple occasions. Her profound knowledge of the human body and the craft of Rolfing, make her a must have asset to athletes of all levels and a worthwhile consideration for anyone with body pain issues.

Matthias Meister, Owner NOLA BJJ, 3rd degree black belt

As a professional with a high level of body awareness, expertise and standards, I look for the same from anyone that is going to lay hands on me. Mollie is not only a technical master but her work encompasses the whole mind-body matrix. It is informed by a breadth and depth of knowledge that is unquantifiable.”

Melanie Fawer, Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and Owner the of the Yoga Room, New Orleans