Be in your body, rest in your mind. Experience consciousness as inner awareness.

Anatomy of Consciousness is a series of six video classes that explore the physical and energy anatomy of consciousness. Through experiential lessons in anatomy and meditation, we discover a more awakened, more energized self.  

This series is for anyone who is interested in learning more about the inner-connected workings of the body-mind-spirit.

Available online and for CUE’s: ENROLL HERE

FOR CUE’s: This class is worth 12 CEUs for Louisiana LMTs.

Ground in your physical body, rest your mind;  experience consciousness as inner awareness, an attribute of basic reality, and a source of pure joy.

This series of eight, two-hour evening retreats explore the physical, physiological and energy anatomy of consciousness. Through lessons, experiential exercises and meditation, we will discover a more awakened and energized self.

Topics include:

  • Anatomy and Alignment in Meditation: how to be in your body
  • Breath and Prana: leaning anatomy and esoteric anatomy of breathing. 
  • Neurodynamics, Biodynamics and the Chakras: understanding the science of the chakras.
  • Thought Patterns, Nerve Plexi and Chakra: conditioning and deconditioning our thinking-feeling patterns.  
  • Intuitive Knowing: distinguishing patterns of dissociation and distraction from presence. 
  • Sensing Development: deepening the practice.
  • Coherency & Optimization: meditation, vibrant health and deepening self care.
  • Strength & Vitality: yoga/exercise & strength, meditation and deepening self care.

FOR CUE’s: This class is worth 12 CEUs for Louisiana LMTs.

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About Mollie Day, DOMTP: Mollie practices of Ashtanga Yoga (Melanie Fawer) and maintains a Dzogchen and Dream Yoga practices (Lama Yeshe Kaytup and Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche). Her training as a manual therapist includes: DOMPT (Osteopathic College of Ontario 2017), Advanced Rolfing (The Rolf Institute 2001), Visceral and Neural Manipulation (The Barral Institute 2013-) and Craniosacral Therapy (The Upledger Institute 1996-). BA Sarah Lawrence College, emphasis in Medical Anthropology (1998), MFA Poetry (University of New Orleans 2010).