What are Visceral and Neural Manipulation?

Visceral and Neural Manipulations work with the dynamics of motion and suspension of organs and nerves in relation to membranes, facia and ligaments.

Restrictions in tissues surrounding organs and nerves can offset the biomechanics of the body, and can cause musculoskeletal pain – such as a pain in the shoulder, neck or back. VM and NM help to normalize mobility in the body by addressing connective tissues surrounding organs and nerves.

Visceral and Neural Manipulation are organ and nerve-specific fascial mobilization techniques that address imbalances throughout the body.

Fascia – the connective tissue of the body – surrounds and connects all of our organs to muscles, bones, nerves and other organs.  By applying specific, gentle pressure to the abdomen, thorax and pelvic areas, a visceral or neural manipulation practitioner releases tensions in the tissues, restoring natural motion to the kidneys, lungs, liver and other soft tissues. In this way, the practitioner can address ailments ranging from chronic back and neck pain to incontinence and migraines.

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